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    Naturally CLAUDE has been established in 2013 as a Beauty product manufacturer and distributor. Our traditional business model is based on turning natural ingredients into beauty products. Based on the decision of the company to expand in the Middle east and Africa ; we are now looking for agents in order to open new markets

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Spa Featture
Spa Featture
Spa Featture

Reveal the Nature in you

Naturally Claude Company is a leading corporation in quality and safety values .It undertakes to provide quality while respecting a well built business model that ties production to markets through a network of agents present in many countries around the MENA regions

Pearly Cream

Spa Featture

Pearly cream has been formulated with all active ingredients and vitamins such as royal gelly, hyaluronic acid, kojic acid, collagen and the pearl powder, that activate the cells vitality and restructure the damages due to aging and pollution. After a regular use, the wrinkles become less deep and the skin become firmer, younger and has a fresh and shining appearance.

Zhourat Claude

Spa Featture

زهورات كلود يساعد على قطع الشهية وحرق الدهون وتليين المعدة ومنع انتفاخ البطن. يحتوي على ورد الجوري ، قشر الرمان ، شاي أخضر ، قشر اليمون ، زنجبيل و المريمية

Whitening Lotion

Spa Featture

Rich in bearberry, mulberry and licorice, Crystal Lotion lightens dark spots and keeps your skin smooth and soft. Do not use on sensitive areas.

Botox Serum

Spa Featture

Looking younger has never been easier! All you have to do is to apply the Naturally Claude Botox Gel 2 to 3 times per day and you’re going to see the remarkable difference in 10 to 15 days only. Pearly Cream can be applied afterwards for better results.

One to one delivery service

the products can be ordered personally from any place around the world and will be delivered by courier. Naturally Claude products are already present and distributed through agents in many countries.