Zhourat Claude



زهورات كلود يساعد على قطع الشهية وحرق الدهون وتليين المعدة ومنع انتفاخ البطن. يحتوي على ورد الجوري ، قشر الرمان ، شاي أخضر ، قشر اليمون ، زنجبيل و المريمية

Zhourat Claude helps to:

  • Cut appetite
  • Burn fat
  • Laxate the stomach
  • Prevent flatulence

Ingredients: Rose, Pomegranate peel, Green tea, Lemon peel, Ginger, Sage

8 reviews for Zhourat Claude

  1. Leila abbas

    Hey ,
    Plz i need to know the price of this product and how i can order it
    And plz can It have cash on delivery
    Thank you

    • Claude Saad

      where do u live leila?

      • Paulette Makhlouf

        Price plz

  2. get domain

    Ƭhanks for thе auspicious writeup. Ιt in world ԝas at օne
    timе a enjoyment history іt. Expect complicated tο more thɑn brought consonant from you!
    By the wɑу, how tin we Ƅe іn ցet hold ߋf?

    • Claude Saad

      3kg / week

  3. Jennifer

    I live in California can I know the price and how to order

  4. Jennifer

    I live in California can I know the price and how to order. What do I need to order to go along with this to work better.

  5. nadjett

    im from algeria i want to get your products caviar cream and fat burning how can i get them

  6. Paulette Makhlouf

    Plz give me price how much is in supermarket calipris

  7. Grace

    Dear Claude, your Zhourate it can be taken who has high blood pressure?
    and how much is costs? and where I can order if I live in Kuwait?

    • Claude Saad

      Kuwait: + 66646039 yes you can take it no problem.

  8. Anas

    How can we get it in Dubai?

    • Claude Saad

      Dubai: 0564845211

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