Royal Sunscreen



Direction for use:
Royal sunscreen should be applied liberally to all sun exposed areas of the skin.
Reapply royal sunscreen after 24hours and/or after swimming, excessive sweating or towelling.
Dispense a small amount after cleansing and rinsing with natural gel wash, massage gently till total absorption. Royal sunscreen can be used after the usage of Pearly cream.

Royal sunscreen is designed to aid the face and body’s natural defence mechanisms in protecting against UVA and UVB sun radiations. It absorbs, reflects or scatters sun rays on the skin. This will lower the risk of skin cancer and protect your skin from looking weathered and aged.

طريقة الاستعمال:
يستعمل كريم الوقاية رويال سنسكرين يوميا عند اي تعرض مفرط لاشعة الشمس سواء على البحر, في الجبل أو عند التزلج. يوضع على الوجه والجسم وفوق اي كريم, علاجي كان أو عادي. ينصح بتكرار استعماله خلال النهار.


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